Amos Cassioli


Amos Cassioli
Asciano (Siena) 1832 – Firenze 1891
Oil on cardboard, signed, cm. 19 x 37,5.

The subject is a scene of familiar happiness and beatitude, here represented by a mother playing with his son into a blossoming garden. The elegant dress of the lady, the pose and the volume of the body shows a classic influence directly inspired from the art of Pompei. The colors are very bright done in brush tips and it has a peculiar fan shape, probably because it’s a gift requested for a private commission.

We can find the signature ACassioli on the right side. Amos Cassioli was a scholar of the Academy in Siena during the XIX century when the director was Luigi Mussini and he is considered one of the most influent exponent of the “Purism movement” in Tuscany. He received important public commission like the frescoes of the “Palazzo Pubblico” in Siena and he was appreciated by the Great duke Leopoldo II. During a stay in Rome he attended the “Academy of France” where he met artists as Edgar Degas and Jacques Henner, that had a strong impact on his style.

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