Cupid crowning Psyche


(Casez 1775-Florence 1855)

Cupid crowning Psyche
around 1820
Alabaster, h. 23.05 inch
Inscription on the base:
Amore corona Psiche/Giovanni Insom/Firenze

Educated since he was a boy in the profession of engraving at his family store, Giovanni Insom moved to Florence around the middle of the 1790s following the famous Roveretese anatomopathologist Felice Fontana, called by the Great Duke to direct the Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History.

It was here that the young artist set out to make an anatomical model to send to the Court of Alexander I in Russia, an assignment of a certain prestige that certainly favoured his entrance at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he distinguished himself in the Sculpture course, achieving two first prizes: in 1796 with a clay artefact of emulation; and in 1800 with a terracotta relief representing the philosopher Zeno of Elea.

Excerpt from the expertise by professor Carlo Sisi in the catalogue of the exhibition “Metamorphosis of the Nude”, 2019.

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