Giovanni Battista Dell’Era


Giovan Battista Dell’Era
(Treviglio, 1766-Florence, 1798)
Portrait of Domenico Antonio Camerini, 1784
Oil on canvas, cm. 61 x 49,5

This portrait is extremely important in the reconstruction of the corpus and of the life of the artist thanks to a significant inscription on the back of the canvas that says “Ritratto di (?) Dom.° Anto. Camerini fatto in Roma l’An: 1784: da Gio. Batta del Era Milanese e donato al med. Dal Autore.”  So, it can be added to the list of his portraits (he became very popular for this type of painting but just a few examples arrived until now) and it help us in compiling a new chronology of his life (until its discovery the critics agreed in dating his first trip to Rome on the 1785).

Giovan Battista dell’Era started his artistic career in the region where he was born, between Bergamo and the Accademia di Brera. Fundamental for the development of his style were the trips to Rome where he met Angelica Kauffman and Pompeo Batoni that had a strong influence on him. He died in Florence, where he was studying the drawings of Ghiberti and where he became a member of the Accademia.

In our portrait is still undeniable the Lombardy background of the artist as we can see in the severe set of the scene, in the intense realism and in the fast touch of the brush, free from references to the sophisticate roman style.


Giovan Battista Dell’Era (1765-1799). Un artista lombardo nella Roma neoclassica, catalogo della mostra a cura di Emilia Calbi, Treviglio 2000.

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