Giuseppe Bezzuoli


(Firenze 1784 – 1855)
Study for an allegory
Black chalk on light blue paper, mm. 584 x 860, inch. 22,9 x 33,85
Signed on the button left G. Bezzuoli

The drawing is a study as we can deduct from the quick lines, from the several changes of the gestures and also from the grid but it wasn’t possible to source the original version yet. Even if the subject is not easy to be understood, the figures dressed in ancient style may be the Muse or the Allegory of the Arts (one of them is holding a scroll while the other a cithara and has a violin barely sketched close to her feet) while the putto in the center is Cupid (he has the wings and he’s carrying the bow and the quiver), so it’s presumably an allegorical subject. Considering that the several characters seem focused on a discussion and they are pointing and warning the man dressed in a more modern way, could be the representation of the “Inspiration”. For the disposition of the figures, is reasonable to think that it may be the study for an architectonic decorations probably sited into a lunette or a rib vaults.
It can be added to the juvenile works of Bezzuoli, due to an aesthetic that doesn’t hide the inspiration from his teacher Benvenuti and to the style still influenced by the Neoclassicism.

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