Luca Longhi


Luca Longhi
Ravenna 1507 – 1580
Saint Catherine from Alexandria
Oil on board, cm. 43,5 x 54
Gilded frame of the XVIII century
cm.  69 x 58

The subject is Saint Catherine from Alexandria, here represented with the breaking wheel used for her martyrdom. The painting can be added to the corpus of the mannerist artist Luca Longhi, thanks to various similarities with his works. At first, we can notice a resemblance between the physiognomy of saint Catherine, characterized by a genuine and plain elegance, and the ones of other women in Luca Longhi’s paintings. It shows a simple composition marked by an archaic composure and delicate and sober nuances of colors, typical traits of his style. However, we can notice a certain attention to the details, for example on the head adorned with a wire of big pearls, hairstyle used also in others of his works.


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