The Vanity


(Florence, 1869-Fauglia, 1948)

The Vanity
Bronze, h. 78,5 cm
Signed, dated and entitled on the base: G. Kienerk 1892 Vanità.

“But the love for truth, the quest for the real never draw him to represent nature in a vulgar way, instead, even in his early works, a loving researcher of beauty can be seen, a fervent worshipper of the form as it is” this phrase, excerpted from an article of Ugo Martini, is the perfect exemplification of the art and technique of Giorgio Kienerk, a Florentine artist straddling Romanticism and Art Nouveau.

Endowed with a charming personality, he was first a student of Adriano Cecioni and then of Telemaco Signorini, skilled in both sculpture and painting, towards which he oriented himself in an alternating manner for his entire career. Although characterized by his own unique style, attention to artistic trends and innovations is recognizable in his creations, acquired during his experiences in several Italian cities and abroad.

He always received great support from critics and was esteemed by intellectuals of the time like Giosuè Carducci, who supported him when he first participated in the Barozzi Prize of Bologna when he had just turned 20. His private artistic activity was rich and varied ranging from portraiture to illustrations for stories, trying to renovate the organization of Italian periodicals.

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