Sacrifice to Jupiter


(Arezzo 1769 – Florence 1844)

Sacrifice to Jupiter after Francesco Bartolozzi, after Giovan Battista Cipriani
end of the 18th century
Oil on canvas, 12.4 × 53.1 inch

This interesting grisaille […] of a high standard of quality and in an excellent state of conservation, represents an interesting derivation with slight variations from an engraving, currently know by several exemplars, made in 1777 by Francesco Bartolozzi from a drawing by Giovan Battista Cipriani (Cf. A. Calabi, Francesco Bartolozzi. Catalogue des Estamps et notice biographique d’après le manuscrits de A. De Vesme enteriement réformé et complétés d’une étude antique, 1928, n. 433. III). The engraving, related to others similar in format and also dedicated to episodes taken from antiquity, was inspired by a pictorial frieze pertaining to a cycle of six decorated panels realized between 1770 and 1771 by Cipriani for the Library of Audley End House in the Essex.

Excerpt of the expertise by prof. Sandro Bellesi in the catalogue of the exhibition “Fascination and elegance in Neoclassical Art”, 2022.

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