Death of a hero of Greek-Roman antiquity


(Haina 1751-Eutin 1829)

Death of a hero of Greek-Roman antiquity
around 1784-1785
Oil on canvas, 19.7 x 23.2 inch

At the present state of knowledge it becomes even more difficult to interpret the theme recalled in the other painting in which a hero of Greek-Roman antiquity, evidently a warrior as revealed by the presence of his unused weapons, finds comfort in his beloved family during his last moments of life: the wife, the son and a white-haired old man who recalls the features of Priam or the prophet Tiresias.

However, even if the subject remains obscure, on a formal level it must be highlighted that this canvas, more than its paired painting, reveals close affinities with the painting of Julius Sabinus and Epponina. And in respect to its companion it appears better resolved when it comes to composition.

Excerpt of the expertise by prof. Francesco Leone in the catalogue of the exhibition “Metamorphosis of the Nude”, 2019.

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