The Toilet of Venus


Neapolitan artist of the beginning of the XIX century
The toilet of Venus
Bas-relief in Poplar wood, cm. 44 x 57,2
Gilded and carved frame, cm. 61,5 x 74

The scene describes a very common theme in Neoclassical art as the Toilet of Venus. The goddess is portrayed in the act of looking at the mirror, while Cupid with his bow is standing at her back (he also appears in the throne’s frieze). In the meantime, an handmaid is entertaining the divinities by playing the harp. The panel was presumably part of the ornament of a decor together with other scenes with a similar subject taken from the Classic mythology.

It  can be dated to the first half of the XIX century and it can be ascribed to an artist from Naples, as we can also deduce by the frame. The style and the position of the characters was clearly inspired by the discovery of Pompei, that started in the 1748 under the input of the Borbone family.

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