The Academy of Saint Luke rewarding young artists


(Pistoia 1623 – Rome 1703)

The triumph of Painting presided over Apollo and Minerva
Late 17th
Oil on canvas, 44.48 x 23.62 inch

The two allegories here presented are very rare and precious examples of this production that deserve a careful interpretative reading; their thematic affinity and the scenographic composition perfectly specular allow thinking that they were conceive en pendant, idea reinforced by the fact that they came to us in couple.[…]

The sky-blue/silvery hue of the background is the luminously cold support for the pale and shining washes of colour on the cloths of the two mythological deities, keystone of the scenic layout of extraordinary quality. Apollo, with his nude sparkling beauty, wrapped by a yellow fluent drapery allusive of his bound with the sun, has the lyre and the Three Graces close to him, attributes of his identity as the God of Music, Arts and Beauty that are capable of raise sensible emotions and noble thoughts.

Excerpt of the expertise by Doc. Donatella Pampaloni.

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